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ent to its Sha Tin campus. The university arranged for students to leave campus by bus.Following CUHK's decision, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said that classes will be conducted online starting next week until the end of the current term, g▓iven the escalation of unrest.Hong Kong Baptist University anno▓unced a similar online learning arrangement at the same time in view of potential disruptions to campus services due to the ongoing civil un

re▓st.The Commissioner's Office of the Foreign Ministry in the Hong Kong Special Admi▓nistrative Region expressed firm opposition on Wednesday to false▓ and misleading reports about Hong Kong by some Western media outlets▓.A spokesperson for the office said in a statement that those reports accused police of stopping v▓iolence with "excessive use of force" and whitewashed rioters' crime of setting an innocent citizen afire and their attempts to snatch guns from police officers.The spokesperson said that selective reports

voluntarily cleared bri


and comments by some Western media outlets in▓ Hong Kong have grossly distorted the truth.The spokesperson urged those Western media sources to immediately stop distorting the truth and pouring fuel on th▓e fire in Hong Kong. Otherwise, they would only be condemned by all fair-minded p

cks and debris from roads


eople, including 1.4 billion Chinese.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina and Thailand on Tuesday pledged to expand cooperation in various areas and work together to facili▓tate

in Yuen Long▓ on Wedn


trade and investment to boost regional connectivity and build a more open world economy.China, Thailand agree to advance ties, ▓jointly promote regional connectivityChina, Thailand agree to advance ties, jointly promote regional connectivity11-06-2019 09:53 BJTBANGKOK, No

esday morning. T

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